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  • Roo 1.2.0-M1 - OBR Repositories not staying after shutdown. Normal behavior?

    Hi all,

    I am finalizing an add-on chapter section about the Roobot and OBR repositories, and I noticed that when you add an OSGi OBR command such as

    osgi obr url add --url ...

    it only keeps the OBR in memory, and has no future information about it. Is this as designed? Bear with me here...

    I'm thinking that companies may want to provide their own internal add-ons so that they can improve their internal productivity (here's my Roo JSF platform, customized to taste, or a fork of the GWT configuration, or an integration library and Spring facades, etc).

    One option I guess would be to store the OBRs you configure in a list in config, but I'm not a big fan of that, especially if things get screwed up. What if we were able to add a startup.roo script to a ~/.roo/startup.roo, so that we could automatically run scripts on startup for power users or corporate setups? Seems to me we could do a lot there to customize the footprint and visibility of add-ons.

    Any thoughts?



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    Hey Ken,

    I think your idea is great! If we combine that with a config flag which disables the automatic execution of startup scripts we should have a feature that fits your bill. Are there any other use cases that would benefit from such a startup script? The add-on is actually quite trivial to write (in the add-on activate method check the Roo config for the flag and also the presence of startup.roo) and simply execute it. Can you open a Jira ticket for this?


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      Yes, I will. Thank you! Some other thoughts:

      Perhaps a 'skip' flag in the config file or command line for ignoring certain add-ons on startup - maybe by their ID? --skip_addons=sillyweasel_coffeescript_addon,sillywe asel_spock_addon, etc... or skip.addons=x,z,y in the startup file?

      There are lots of things we could do there.

      Actually I have one more, and maybe it's another JIRA ticket - could we accept a startup development mode flag from the command line, and maybe debug ports and such? I currently modify my Roo script for debugging add-ons on startup, and if we have problems with Roo it'd help. So maybe:

      roo --debug-mode --debug-port 5000 --skip-startup

      Let me know. I'll create the JIRA ticket for the startup file.