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  • Is there a 'touch' command in the Spring Roo shell?

    Because if not I would like to raise the idea of adding one.

    I'm currently working on a Spring Roo web project that is no pretty stable and contains 25 or so entities with a web front end etc. maintained in part by Roo. The issue I have is that the Roo shell is no longer particularly responsive to changes I make in my IDE - which is where I generally work now that the bulk of the modelling etc. has been done.

    What I am finding is that when I make a change to an entity and want it to bubble through the code it can take anywhere from seconds to minutes to be picked up by Spring Roo. For web controllers the 'changes' are often only made when I directly edit the file, ie 'touch' it in some way (even if I only fiddle with some white space).

    So what I wonder if whether a command could be added to the Roo shell to touch a file I know needs updating, so something like:

    touch --class ~.web.UserController

    Maybe that could then assume the user wants changes detected, clear some caches or whatever is required and get things running.

    In my opinion that would make Spring Roo much more usable in the later stages of projects.

    What do people think?


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    I'm on track to release 1.2.0.M1 next week. in 1.1.x, Roo MVC controller and jspx management do have performance issues. We have introduced many under-the-cover performance enhancements (apart from new features) that will hopefully increase the speed of operations.

    Out of curiosity, if you don't have controllers, is your Roo experience quicker?

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      Hard to say Alan as I introduced the web front end quite some time ago now.

      Basically Spring Roo pretty much ground to a halt to be honest until I increased the heap space (using -Xmx512m -Xmx1024m in the roo.bat file). On my quad core things would pretty regularly max out one of the cores and generally not perform very well.

      But my request is not just for performance issues. What I would like to do is instruct the Roo shell to process files I know are out of date. My experience is that the MVC logic often will not make the changes that are needed to keep things in sync until I manually edit the jspx files themselves (or the controller). I would much prefer to be able to execute this from the shell rather than fake and edit.