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  • Listing Everything in an Entity

    In my roo project I want to list all the things the user inputted. i.e. say it was a computer building program where each part is selected separately. I want an entity called "everything" which lists ALL of the separate entity data that the client entered. I started doing this by first creating an entity called everything and made a field in it that does nothing so that "views" can be generated for this entity.
    Next I went into list.jspx for "everything" and copied in the list.jspx's for all my other entities. I also commented out the .jspx in "everything" for create.jspx and show.jspx. This workout OK and I was able to see the template for the entities but there was a problem. I want to get rid of the "create new everything" which automatically gets generated when I made a new entitiy. Because If i have this and the client clicks on it, it says "internal error" (obviously because I got rid of the create and update jspx stuff).

    Basically what I"m asking is if there is any way to completely get rid of the "Create New {0} " thing that gets created with every entity. All i want is the "List All {0} "so I can list all the entered data.

    edit: the title should be more like, listing all entities.
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    If you are talking about the menu links they can be suppressed by going into your menu.jspx and add a render="false" to the relevant tags. To suppress the links provided in the show and list views you need to make adjustments to your tag library (show.tagx and table.tagx) to remove the links there.


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      Awesome that worked magnificently!!!