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  • roo project creation in/for eclipse

    I've run into two problem with Roo (or maybe STS) with the latest Eclipse Indigo/Roo 1.1.5/GWT 2.3/Maven 3/STS 2.7.1 plugins.

    When I use Create Spring Roo Project, the dialog has a section for Maven support with a dropdown containing a single entry: Dependency management only. After creating, the project has an error: classpath error: unable to find org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint.

    The fix here is to explictly enable Maven by Configure -> Convert to Maven. The error about aspectj goes away. There are some other errors in the pom related to new Maven 3 issues, but they're easily fixed.

    So, wasn't there a deeper Maven integration possible at project create in earlier releases? Does that require using an external Maven, or using Maven 2 to get that to work?

    Next I start doing the demo steps in the getting started docs: persistence setup, create an entity, create a field, then gwt setup.

    gwt setup will go ahead and generate everything, but doesn't mark the project as GWT Enabled, so Google -> GWT Compile won't work. The fix is to Google -> Web Toolkit Settings, select Web Toolkit and Use Google Web Toolkit, then select Web Application, This project has a WAR directory, and set the WAR directory to src/main/webapp.

    GWT Compile now works, and the project launches and runs correctly from the GWT Developemnt mode. Edit: Well, not exactly, there's some bug related to Spring and the GWT Classloader that breaks it, but that's expected behavior, and where I expect it to fail.

    And finally, the tutorial docs state that after running the Create Spring Roo Project wizard, you should have a Roo shell running, but that doesn't happen for me, I have to start it manually.

    Can anyone comment on these behaviors? Should I be opening bugs on these, or am I just doing something worng/have bad expectations?
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    In some previous version for on the Spring Roo Project Wizard, in section Maevn Support/Provider we could choose "Full Maven Build". This is missing now; at least with SpringSource Tools 2.7.1.


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      Downgrade m2eclipse

      In order to have Full Maven Build support enabled, we must used the m2eclipse archived version from SonaType (0.12.1.*) before the move to

      The Version can be found at

      Install this version, instead of the one that comes with Indigo repositories.