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  • Add on for spring social in spring roo

    Is there any add ons in spring roo that can be used for Spring social , or how can i build spring social in Spring roo.

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    At the moment there is no Roo add-on for Spring Social as far as I am aware. You can create one, or open a Jira ticket so we can see community interest in it.

    However, since Roo gives you stock standard Spring applications you can easily integrate Spring Social features without any trouble.


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      Several Jira tickets required

      I think we could enter several Jira tickets for different features and see what the interest is. If nothing else it will clarify what sort of functionality we want... So to kick off...

      A) I would like to be able to let users log in to my Spring Roo app using their Facebook or Twitter identities. (and whatever other identities Spring Social knows about.) This presumably requires interaction with our security plugins.

      B) I would like users to be able to enter their Twitter ID, and then for the system to ask the user to authorise our app with Twitter. This might require the creation of a predefined database table as well as some new jsps etc.

      Other people might be thinking of using Twitter like JMS - so perhaps that might be spec'ed and put into a jira?



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        Hi Alex, yes feel free to open Jira tickets for this and make sure it gains votes. At the moment we are looking to resolve high voted Jira tickets. Have you considered to get your hands dirty and write your own add-on? There is a section in our docs and also the addon create commands to get you started.


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          There is an existing Jira n the Social side

          Also, it is not easy as people think - for example, I am facing the issue that if you use Roo repositories rather than active record then Roo clobbers working Social code.

          You can see some thoughts on the ReadMe of my plugin project - there are a lot of Social Use case.