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  • Undo manage and DBRE

    We have been playing around with ROO 1.1.3 and DBRE. We have reversed engineered some of the tables. While doing so we forgot to add one column in the table. What is the best way of doing this now ?

    1) Shall we alter the table and reverse engineer again ? How do we do this ?
    2) Shall we change the java class (where ever) so that we can add a new field at the java class level and then hoping that it will finally create a table structure (update it)

    We tried doing point 2 above and now we see ID also getting added to the table. Also for some reasons we keep getting the following error which we don't understand why (the undo part).

    Appreciate a reply

    Updated SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP\WEB-INF\views\domtuserses\list.jspx
    Updated SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP\WEB-INF\views\domtuserses\show.jspx
    Updated SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP\WEB-INF\views\domtuserses\create.jspx
    Updated SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP\WEB-INF\views\domtuserses\update.jspx
    Updated SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP\WEB-INF\views\domtflaccesses\list.jspx
    Updated SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP\WEB-INF\views\domtflaccesses\show.jspx
    Updated SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP\WEB-INF\views\domtflaccesses\create.jspx
    Updated SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP\WEB-INF\views\domtflaccesses\update.jspx
    Undo manage SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP\WEB-INF\i18n\
    Undo manage SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP\WEB-INF\views\domtflaccesses\update.jspx
    Undo manage SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP\WEB-INF\views\domtflaccesses\create.jspx
    Undo manage SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP\WEB-INF\views\domtflaccesses\show.jspx
    Undo manage SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP\WEB-INF\views\domtflaccesses\list.jspx
    Undo manage SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP\WEB-INF\i18n\
    Undo manage SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP\WEB-INF\views\domtuserses\update.jspx
    Undo manage SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP\WEB-INF\views\domtuserses\create.jspx
    Undo manage SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP\WEB-INF\views\domtuserses\show.jspx
    Undo manage SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP\WEB-INF\views\domtuserses\list.jspx

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    Just an update.
    We tried again and it worked. When it comes to missing column we added in the DB and did DBRE again - all well.

    But still like to know under what circumstances 'Undo manage' happens.

    cheers !