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  • Issue: SpringSource Tools and Roo -- can't create project

    I'm new to STS and to Roo.

    I'm using SpringSource Tools springsource-tool-suite-2.6.0.SR1-e3.6.2-win32-x86_6 and Roo 1.1.3 RELEASE that came with it. When I create a new project I get a project folder with no subdirectories or other configuration and roo.log with only start and end entries.

    I've tried using roo shell to create a project within this directory, but the build configuration in STS is still incorrect, and I'm not sure I'm up to untangling it.

    Is this problem familar to anyone, and are there recommendations on how to go about resolving it?

    Many thanks,

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    You should be able to create a roo project from the Spring Roo Project link on the Dashboard.

    Or File -> New -> Spring Roo Project.

    You can also create a project from the roo command line and import it (existing Maven Project) into STS/Eclipse


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      Actually, my problem appears to be that I included a space in the name of my project and Roo did not like that. No edits or error messages or anything. I do believe I'll file a JIRA bug for that.


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        As with other attributes of Roo commands, one must enclose the attribute value with double quotes if there is a space. For example,
        project --topLevelPackage --projectName "com foo"

        database reverse engineer --schema foo --excludeTables "com foo bar"
        A standalone Roo shell won't allow spaces in the project name.


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          Thanks for the input. The underlying issue is that the STS dialog does not apply the same edits before passing its input along to the Roo shell. The shell fails and disappears and a neophyte user (me inthis case) is left to wonder "What just happened?". I'd advise that the same edits be applied in the dialog as in the shell, and that a failed build leave the shell window open for diagnostic purposes.

          Is this really an issue to be addressed by the STS team? I'm working fine now, but its probably better for Roo if the STS integration becomes more verbose on a fail.
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            STS invokes the Roo shell directly, so you will still have to enclose multiple attribute values with double quotes within STS