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  • JDBC drill down in Insight

    On Aug 10 I downloaded STS (including TC Server v6.0) and have my app running and can analyze HTTP information via Insight, but I cannot see the SQL from prepared statements. I removed my database jar from the TC Server/lib folder and put it in the webapp/web/web-inf/lib folder, but there is still no SQL drill down info.

    Any suggestions?

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    What does the version of Insight say on the footer of Insight? You should be using 1.0.0.M3.SR02 for the latest and greatest. This is available on STS 2.3.3 milestones. You can also get this via the regular tc Server Dev Edition download.


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      I am using Spring Insight 1.0.0.M2. I assumed that I had the lastest version since I downloaded so recently. I'll download the latest version of tc server and give it a go. I now see that speed tracer is part of the 1.0.0.M3 release.

      Thanks for the reply.


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        I downloaded STS v2.3.3.M2 which includes Spring Insgiht 1.0.0.M3.SR02, but I still don't see the SQL calls. All I see are the following categories under the Trace Detail heading: HTTP Summary, Request Parameters, Request Headers, Response Headers.

        Is there something else I am missing?


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          Not sure what's going on. What OS are you running?


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            Windows 7.

            Is there anything in my code that I need to add?


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              This issue may be related:

              You'll need to change the wrapper.conf to try it out. Please let me know if that solution works for you.


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                This does not work for me. My Insight version is 1.0.0.M2 and I am using insight which comes bundled with STS. I am able to see trace details like the ones mentioned below but I don't see JDBC level drill downs (as shown in demos) or 'Go to Source' towards the bottom. My OS is Ubuntu by the way.


                Trace Detail 3:28:20 PM (535 ms)
                535 ms POST /soccer/j_spring_security_check
                Http Operation
                Label POST /soccer/j_spring_security_check
                Response Details com.springsource.insight.collection.tcserver.reque st.HttpResponseDetailsBean
                Path /soccer/j_spring_security_check
                Request Details com.springsource.insight.collection.tcserver.reque st.HttpRequestDetailsBean