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  • I can't create an issue in JIRA

    I'm trying to create a new issue in JIRA for Spring Insight but get the following error message:
    Assignee: The default assignee does NOT have ASSIGNABLE permission OR Unassigned issues are turned off.

    The issue I'm trying to create is below, can someone create it for me??

    Collection plugin excludes com.sun..*

    Spring Insight provides a collection plugin called insight-collection-x.x.x.RELEASE.jar. Within this plugin there is an aop.xml and it has an exclusion for com.sun..* This exclusion get's applied to all plugins and therefore means my plugin's aspects are unable to be woven to any JSF classes which are in the com.sun.jsf package. There is already a caveat for com.sun.mail so either one needs to be added for com.sun.faces or the exclusion needs to be less general. It's only there because of Sun XML parser classes according to the comment.

    <exclude within="com.sun..* AND (!com.sun.mail..*) AND (!com.sun.faces..*)"/>

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    I've opened an internal Jira issue to add in JSF classes in the 1.9 release.

    We're taking a very conservative and meticulous approach when it comes to class inclusions. This is mainly due to past experience with packages that appears to be "harmless" but once included caused multiple issues.

    I suggest you go ahead and make the necessary changes in your copy of the jar by extracting the file and repackaging with the modified file. Let me know how it went.

    I'll do the same on our end and run our test set to verify inclusion doesn't break stuff.


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      I've been using a modified version of the jar since the original post and all seems fine. Hopefully you get the same result and nothing breaks.

      Thanks for opening the internal issue.