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  • Tried Installing TCServer and Configuring Insight - Installations Steps Misleading

    This is getting a bit frustrating for me. We have a Spring application and want to monitor it using Insight but no luck so far (jdbc level drill downs) - tried STS (latest version) but no way !

    Then I thought let me try following Insight tutorial and if I follow steps for installing Insight like the ones given here
    finally it takes you to a very confusing vmware download site and we land up downloading some TC server which does not have files as mentioned in the above tutorial.

    very very disappointed !

    with regrets !

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    Hi Gary,

    Looks like that link you are accessing is old. A bunch of the SpringSource projects are getting a little version & brand massage as vFabric is rolling out, so some of this data is stale..

    Take a look at the reference manual linked off:

    You will need to download tc Server Developer Edition to get Insight. That link is also on (it will take you to a vmware download)

    Hang in there,

    -- Jon


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      Jon - I will try what you have suggested and thanks for all the replies but for God's sake please update the links, software or whatever but point me to one location (now you have mentioned user guides in some reply) where I can follow the steps and get Insight working.
      None of the online documentation I could reach as of yesterday were in sync with the overall ecosystem (unless there was a link I could not get to)

      Please !


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        By the way - I already downloaded tc Server Developer Edition (there are two very similar looking downloads on vmware site - so confusing) from vmware site and could not link it up with the online Insight document as file names, dir structure mentioned in online doc is different from what you would get after installing the server. Now as mentioned by you I will follow the manual and try my luck again !


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          Once again I downloaded the VMWare TC server (fro the link on your landing page) and installed it. I am following the steps given here

          this is the reference manual you have talked about in your reply.

          Now once I reach step 4 in the guide and execute a command (see below in blue) it does not do anything but throws a recommendation. Now what could I be missing ?

          Also one more question for you - can I now install the latest STS (I installed one yesterday) and now would that be updated with latest Insight (mine still shows 1.0.0.M2)

          software/VMWareTCServer/vfabric-tc-server-developer-2.5.0.RELEASE$ ./ testInstance -t insight
          usage: COMMAND [ARGS] [OPTIONS]

          The tc Runtime Instance commands are:
          create Create a new instance
          list List existing instances and their details
          modify-version Modify the version of Tomcat that an instance runs with
          upgrade Upgrade an instance created with a previous version

          See ' help COMMAND' for more information on a specific command.