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  • JMXAuthenticator and jManage


    Apologies if this is an issue with jManage... I have a general question regarding the use of a JMXAuthenticator in a Spring-created JMXConnector.

    I have a jsr-160 connector setup to talk to some MBeans. I connect using jManage, and all seems fine.

    However, I am now trying to write a JMXAuthenticator to check usernames and passwords. This is hypothetically easy to set up - I create a PasswordAuthenticator class and wire it into the toryBean environment property. The authenticator does get called when I expect.

    However, the credentials that get passed to it by jManage are odd - they consist of an Object (I can't tell the class, strangely) array with 2 values:

    1. A URL of the form
    followed by a number.
    2. null

    Now I've posted the same question on the jManage list, and the word there is that jManage sends a username and password as jmx.remote.credentials. But this is not what I'm seeing.

    I'm new to this area, and it's entirely possible that my idea of the components involved is wrong - could there be something other than jManage supplying me with credentials? Should I not, in general, expect the credentials to be in any particular format?



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    they consist of an Object (I can't tell the class, strangely)
    What do you mean? How do you debug your object? Through introspection you can see even the private fields of an object.
    Besides the usual advices (like checkhout the documentation, mailing list) yuo can look at the sources (both of jManage and Spring created JMXConnector).
    Spring, AFAIK doesn't override or extends JMX classes - so the JMXConnector is just that; the problem relies in the JMXAuthentificator sent by jManage.
    Btw, what jmx implementation are you using? mx4j or jmx-ri?