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  • JMX for Quartz-run Jobs


    So, I'm pretty much completely new with Swing (and JMX, and Quartz...). If I miss something obvious just let me know.

    I have a series of tasks that I want to run using Quartz. I can follow the Spring docs and get them set up no problem. They run, wait, run again, just like you'd expect.

    I want to see them in a JMX console so I can get reports on what they've done, etc (last run time, stats about what they did, etc).

    So I follow the docs on setting up the MBeanServer and exporting objects to it. Here is where I'm having trouble - exporting the JobDetailBean lets me view that object in the console... but I don't care so much about the JobDetailBean, I care about the object that's referenced in the jobClass property of that Bean.

    If I set up the object in jobClass as a bean of its own and export it, I can view it in the console, but it appears to be a different instance of the one that's actually done the work (unless.... does the Quartz scheduler shut down the object between runs?).

    Any thoughts? Thanks in advance...

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    Well... a partial solution - since I don't need anything more complex than the period-based TimerTask, I can use that setup instead and it does exactly what I need.

    Not sure why the XML setup for the two methods are so different, but I'm sure there's a reason in there somewhere...