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  • JMX Mbean - setting absolute serviceUrl

    I am using Spring to export my MBeans through JMX using toryBean and org.springframework.jmx.export.MBeanExporter.

    I've configured the ConnectorServerFactoryBean with the following serviceUrl:
    <property name="serviceUrl" value="service:jmx:iiop://localhost:5544" />

    However Spring seems to add some more to this url, and this something is pretty much random. When I look it up in JBoss' JMX console the serviceUrl is as follows:
    service:jmx:iiop://localhost:5544/ior/IOR:000000000000003b524d493a6a617661782e6d616e6167 656d656e742e72656d6f74652e726d692e524d495365727665 723a3030303030303030303030303030303000000000000100 00000000000095000102000000000d3137322e32352e31312e 323800000e9000000019afabcb00000000021c4c69bc000000 08000000000000000014000000000000030000000100000020 00000000000100010000000205010001000100200001010900 00000100010100000000260000000200020000000000190000 001d0000000000000015687474703a2f2f6f736c2d3232363a 383038332f00

    Is there a way i can change this "ior/IOR:000...." to something non-random so I don't have to look it up and change my client's serviceUrl everytime i restart my application? Or is there perhaps a way to identify this serviceUrl?



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    Hmm - I'm not so sure is Spring and not the underlying IOR server/jmx implementation. Have you tried using something else then ior, for example RMI?


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      Thanks for replying so quickly.

      I have tried using RMI and that gave the same result (with minor differences: "stub" instead of "ior" and an ASCII identifier instead of HEX):

      service:jmx:rmi://localhost:5544/stub/rO0ABXNyAC5qYXZheC5tYW5hZ2VtZW50LnJlbW90ZS5ybWkuUk 1JU2VydmVySW1wbF9TdHViAAAAAAAAAAICAAB4cgAaamF2YS5y bWkuc2VydmVyLlJlbW90ZVN0dWLp/tzJi+FlGgIAAHhyABxqYXZhLnJtaS5zZXJ2ZXIuUmVtb3RlT2J qZWN002G0kQxhMx4DAAB4cHc3AAtVbmljYXN0UmVmMgAADDE3M i4yNS4xMS4yOAAAFagAAAAAAAAAArBYvPsAAAENINmEZYAAAHg =

      this is my config:
      <bean id="serverConnector" class=" rverFactoryBean" lazy-init="false" depends-on="registry">

      <property name="serviceUrl" value="service:jmx:rmi://localhost:5544" />

      <property name="objectName">
      <property name="threaded">
      <property name="daemon">


      <bean id="registry" class="org.springframework.remoting.rmi.RmiRegistr yFactoryBean">
      <property name="port" value="5544"/>
      <bean id="exporter" class="org.springframework.jmx.export.MBeanExporte r" lazy-init="false" depends-on="serverConnector">
      <property name="beans">
      <entry key="bean:name=driftsmeldingBean" value-ref="DriftsMeldingerBO" />
      <property name="server">
      <bean class="" factory-method="locateJBoss" />

      edit: typo


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        Have you tried the JBoss forums - the random is basically a unique identified for the service but I don't understand who generates it and if it's used along with the name or just by the underlying server (RMI or IIOP).
        I haven't used this scenario but I recommend you take a look at the JMX spec - it might be that using the first service url and the object name the server does the appropriate matching.
        Try also looking at mx4j - last time I checked jboss jmx (at least on 3.2.x) was not fully 1.2 compatible.