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    Originally posted by Joris Kuipers View Post
    Hey, that code looks strangely familiar
    Be sure to use the same ObjectName for the HttpAdapter in your MBeanExporter and in your HttpAdapterManager, as Lukas already hinted: when using this WebSphereNamingStrategy, using equals() to match the names therefore wouldn't be such a good idea.
    Also, I like usama_ra1's code solution a lot better than the one that does all the 'programming' in Spring XML configuration, so you might want to go with that one. Just remember that you ONLY need this if your application is running inside a clustered configuration with a running deployment manager AND you want to be able to connect to MBean running in other nodes from your application. Otherwise, any regular NamingStrategy will do.
    I agree the other solution is cleaner. I use the context because I develop on a Tomcat server and deploy it on a WebSphere server. This way I can have the same java code on both servers, only the applicationContext.xml differs.

    If you have suggestions on other ways how to solve this please let me know.
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      I have followed this thread to the letter on WAS 6.0/Spring 1.2 and am still getting the exception I was hoping it was going to rectify (albeit the naming solution itself appears to be doing what it should in terms of generating something meaningful) WebSphere:cell=E8264ZD50145171Node01Cell,name=pcis ScheduleTestXYZ,type=CronTriggerBean,node=E8264ZD5 0145171Node01,process=server1

      Is there any way that I can register my bean as an MBean ? I am running out of ideas....I can't even get it to register once let alone anything to do with a redeploy.



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        using WS 6.x

        Can anyone tell me whether the object name as shown by dritchey (in the post from 02-07-2006, 06:27 PM) needs to set in WebSphere 6.1 -or- was the object name requirements only for WebSphere 5.x

        Also, if I'm running not running my app. in a clustered env. then do I need to worry about the object name restriction.

        To add to this, I have been able to successfully deploy my MBean app. on WS and was able to view and update my MBeans using the JConsole. The issue I'm running into is that when I stop and restart the server, the server fails to restart. There is nothing useful in the JVM log files. I"m wondering if the server fails to unregister my beans (because I have not provided the fully qualified WS name) and when the server tries to restart, it cannot deploy my MBean and the server fails to start.