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  • Any word on the current status of the project?


    Any word on the current status of the project?

    As I'm currently integrating a paypal layer in my spring based server (that should be usable by multiple clients asking me to implement their webstore):

    And as there's surprisingly very few info to find on the Spring/Paypal topic, I could only find this article:

    I was wondering if there are perhaps some guidelines or best practices concerning the topic?

    Any comments on the topic more than welcome!

    And if useful, I'd also be happy to share my findings or code with the community btw.

    Kind regards,


    ps: I kind of duplicated this question on stack overflow:

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    There is not much progress to report at this time other than we do intend to support PayPal.

    I don't have much advice to offer for best practices. It depends on how much of functionality you need to cover. Basic p2p (via paypal account) and credit card payment scenarios through the Adaptive Payments API should be reasonably straight-forward with the help of the RestTemplate, the OXM module in the Spring Framework.

    Sharing your experience in a blog post or code snippets would be great indeed.



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      Is this project still active? The most recent GIT commit was last November, and the last post to this forum was 3 months ago. It's such a promising idea...


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        Yes, I agree - unfortunately the project is presently rather inactive. As Rossen pointed out, it would be nice to have integration points around the PayPal Apis for example. However, if you would like to provide feedback or would like to contribute code back into the project, that would be awesome!!




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          Dr. Drane,

          I am also implementing paypal along with other merchant accounts and I am also looking to collaborate and help the community. Have you made progress with this at all and would you still be willing to collaborate? I look forward to your reply!



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            I have fully implemented Google Checkout Order Processing using Spring Webflow at
            I would like to help out with this project and get my name on it somehow. Here is my linked in profile in case someone is interested in having me help out:


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              Any fresh word on the current status of this project? In particular its spring-mapping module?

              I will be doing a payment integration in the next 6 months... but my immediate interest is in the spring-mapping module. I am currently using 1.0.0.SNAPSHOT to perform mapping from DTOs to Domain objects in the service layer and it is working nicely. I used the documentation here - and while it has some minor API differences with the code downloaded today it was a good leg up.

              But I can find little other information on spring-mapper. Is any plan to formally release it? Lift it from the payment project? Any other news?