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  • How to config multiple webservices with SimpleJaxWsServiceExporter(base_url issue)

    OK. my bad
    By looking at documents I thought @WebService is all SimpleJaxWsServiceExporter will need to detect and publish the webservice but that is not the case. When I looked into source code it actually needs service name attribute of the annotation as well. I changed it to @WebService(serviceName="MyServiceImpl" and it works.

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    I am testing spring with Jax-ws. My goal is to see if we can configure our Jax-ws webservice with spring so that we can DI objects in service and also we can DI service in any object. I am able to do it with one web sevice but having problem when my war file has more than one webservice. Following is my SimpleJaxWsServiceExporter part from my spring config file -

    <bean class="org.springframework.remoting.jaxws.SimpleJaxWsServiceExporter">
              <property name="baseAddress" value="http://localhost:7001/addnumbers_war/"/>
    as per documentation, the base url should be but it doesn't work with that. Now the problem is that when I deploy it on Weblogic 10.x the wsdl generated by server is not consistent. The service url generated by server is sometimes (in which case DI doesn't work) and sometime, just by redeploying, the service url becomes (and this works). Now when I have more than one webservices and if I try to access above url it always access only one of them. (I know it shoule be
    but that is not working for me)

    How do I properly configure the base url so that I can have multiple web services in same war. Are there other properties which I can set to do so.
    Last edited by vyas_kapil; Jun 25th, 2010, 09:01 AM. Reason: resolved.