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  • Business logic in an App Server

    Hi everybody, i have a doub... Is posible implement the business logic in an App Server remote using pojos instead of either EJB or Servlets???. The main idea is apply a model of 3 layers where the clients may be both web browsers and desktop applications, and they share the business logic in an App Server. Sorry for my english... im from Argentina and my english is poor. Thank you to everybody and i hope that anybody can help me soon. Regards!
    New Data:this would be the architecture

    browser---------------------------- >Web Server ------------>|App Server(Business Logic common)|--------------->|RDBMS common|
    desktop App(Swing for example)------------------------------ >|App Server(Business Logic common)|--------------->|RDBMS common|
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    Putting the business logic into POJOs is a viable option, but someone has to handle the remoting between the user's machine and the app server. Servlets will do that for the browser part. JSF or Spring MVC with annotations will shield you from the Servlet API quite well.
    For the desktop part you could use web services or RMI, yet EJB3 is much simpler to use and will also allow you to control transactions on the client.
    My advice would be to implement your business logic either directly as stateless session beans or as POJOs and stateless session beans as facades.



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      Thank you very much for the information and the advice... very clear your explication. Regards!