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  • Messenger facade from Sandbox vs Spring JMSTemplate?

    Do you recommend to use Messenger as a simple JMS facade or should I use Spring JMSTemplate for it? It looks too heavy for just JMS abstraction layer.

    Creation of Messenger objects is hidden behind the MessengerManage. Plus only Messenger interface is exposed to the application , but not concrete JMSTemplate class. I am not sure, if current Messenger framework can handle all connectivity and pooling issues including integration with XA as well as Spring implementation.

    Wonder what is the status of Messenger framework? Is it dead?

    As of right now we need just simple JMS facade in order to abstract the application from specific JMS implementation and provide Connection,session, subscription, session/connection housekeeping, pooling, ect.

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    Re: Messenger facade from Sandbox vs Spring JMSTemplate?

    The JmsTemplate in Spring is good - if it suits your need I'd use it. The only downside with the JmsTemplate is that it doesn't do pooling by itself - it either uses a single JMS connection (and createst/closes session/producers each time) - or worse, it creates/closes a connection, session, producer/consumer each time you do anything (e.g. on every send or receive). This is typically very inefficient in most JMS implementations (you're meant to keep around and pool connections, sessions, producers / consumers).

    So you might - if you need to - investigate a pooling JMS implementation (which often your J2EE app server might provider). If pooling/performance is not such an issue, or you have a pooling JMS provider, go right head with JmsTemplate.

    Messenger is handy if you really want fine grained JMS support and pooling. The library is pretty much complete & stable so there's little active development any more but I've used it on a few projects.

    But if you're using Spring anyway, and you can live with the pooling issues of JmsTemplate, it might be easier to stick to the spring way.


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      Messenger facade from Sandbox vs Spring JMSTemplate?

      Is there any differences between Messenger published on

      Did you try it with XA?

      Unfortunatly we need pooling.

      Wonder, is Messenger implementation thread safe?

      Thanks a lot.


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        The download link is broken for messenger

        BTW, the link
        is broken :?: