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  • Open Source JMS & Spring

    Hope this is not too far off topic....

    I am looking at using an open source JMS with Tomcat and Spring. There seems to be so many available. Can anyone recommend an open source JMS that works well in this environment and is easy to set-up.

    I would also welcome information on open source JMS experiences (especially with Spring) and comparisons btw the different implementations.

    Also, does anyone know what JMS implementations were used in Spring testing?


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    I tested with TIBCO's JMS (commerical) and I believe Jurgen used ActiveMQ or OpenJMS (both open source). James Strachan is part of both the Spring team and ActiveMQ (and so many others!), so that would be a good place to start. Also the spring sandbox has some beanfactories for JMS configuration that you might find useful.



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      I tested against OpenJMS. I'll definitely check out ActiveMQ as soon as I have the chance.



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        give ActiveMQ a try

        I'm completely biased, but I'd highly recommend ActiveMQ. Its very easy to use, just use the ActiveMQConnectionFactory directly inside Spring, or use the JNDI provider if you prefer.

        The nice thing about ActiveMQ is you can run it purely inside a VM for testing. Or you can embed a full JMS message broker in your JVM to avoid having to run a separate process for your test cases to work.

        Plus we think even at 1.0 that ActiveMQ is the best open source JMS out there; our aim by the end of the year to be in the top 3 JMS providers (open source and commerical) in terms of features and performance.


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          The nice thing about ActiveMQ is you can run it purely inside a VM for testing.
          I'm developing a web app that has a page where I need to provide asynchronous behavior since the operation is time consuming. So basically a user makes a request, the web controller received the request , publishes a message for processing, and returns. The web page periodically refreshes and checks to see if a response with a certain correlation id exists in the response queue and if so, displays the results to the end user.

          The VM protocol seems ideal for this since I will not be receiving external messages. I'm just wondering if there are other things I need to be aware of since you say that the VM protocol can be used for testing. Would you recommend the full message broker in the JVM instead for such a scenario?