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  • Message Driven POJOS - Jencks or MessageListener

    Hi all,

    I'm currently looking for a good solution of Message Driven POJOS. I have a standalone application, which should receive JMS messages and after receiving doing some processing. The best solution would be to have some kind of pool, which serves all incoming messages. As I'm using a standalone java application, I cannot use MDBs.

    I think the Message Listener in Spring 2.0 m2 are a good thing, but there will be some time until the release and I need a solution for end of March.

    While searching on the Jencks webpage, I cannot see any active mailling list or forum. Is Jencks still developed or should I use the Message Listener of Spring 2?


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    Jencks is still being used and developed; we use it extensively on Apache ServiceMix (

    Spring's message listener support is an OK solution if you don't need XA support and are happy not to rely on JCA or the JMS providers Resource Adapter. If XA and JCA are not an issue then they are both quite similar (though Jencks does depend on J2EE 1.4 or later for JCA 1.5)


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      BTW there's a FAQ entry comparing the two...


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        thanks for the answer.

        Can I use Jencks within a Java standalone environment with no J2EE container? (no JCA, ResourceAdapter etc.).

        Is there a current mailing list/forum for Jencks?



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          At least I found a forum at

          But it seems the mailinglist is no longer been used.



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            Pieper -

            Yes, Jencks can be used in a standalone environment. It provides a JCA container and re-uses the JTA manager from Geronimo.

            James -

            Spring supports XA in the MDB container. See the JavaDoc: