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  • Just a quick one

    Dear all,

    I intend to expose my services through JMS, so I have a bunch of JMS receivers that upon receiving message call appropriate service API method. I am not really exposing any URLs/Servlets so it is not really a web archive that I am after, yet I need something that kicks off a life-cycle (i.e. creates receivers and connects them to remote queues), tomcat won't cater for ears (as it is not a full blown EE container) yet I would like avoid going full J2EE (i.e. I would like to stay with tomcat if at all possible) - is there anything that you can recommend ?

    I am sure this must have been covered before, however this 'subject matter' is not easy to search for.



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    And what is wrong with a standalone program?! A simple main that kicks off your program?


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      Come to think of it - nothing really.. Cron driven CLI app would actually be quite acceptable. Thanks!