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  • Question about <tx:jta-transaction-manager/> and <jms:listener-container> in Spring 3


    This might be a stupid question but I have been reading the Spring 3 documentation and I have the following problem.

    I'm configuring some jms listeners that will be running in a XA environment.
    I'm using the <tx:jta-transaction-manager/> tag as suggested by the Spring documentation.

    Now I need to configure the <jms:listener-container>, according to the documentation I must specify the transaction-manager.
    My problem is that I don't know what to put in the transaction-manager attribute, because I don't know the name of the transaction manager.

    If I omit the transaction-manager attribute, according to Spring 3 documentation: "If not specified, native acknowledging will be used"
    I understand that the container will not work inside the XA transaction if I don't specify the jta transaction manager.

    So my question is, how I specify the transaction manager in the <jms:listener-container> in order to use the transaction manager created by <tx:jta-transaction-manager/>?

    Thanks in advance,

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    The XSD documentation for the <tx:jta-transaction-manager> element states:
    "Creates a default JtaTransactionManager bean with name 'transactionManager',..."

    So, you can refer to that as "transactionManager" from the listener-container element.


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      Thanks Mark.

      It could be good if the documentation under: transaction-application-server-integration has a link to the xsd documentation.