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  • Please publish which versions of Rabbit are compatible with Spring AMQP

    I may have missed it somewhere but it would be awesome if known issues are published. For example, I lost a bunch of time troubleshooting an issue that turned out to be an incompatibility with the latest Java client. Code works with version 2.1.0 but not 2.6.1. Here's the exception I was getting before figuring out that there was an issue with the client:

    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/rabbitmq/client/impl/LongString

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    I was mistaken. It looks like spring-rabbit has a transitive dependency on amqp-client 2.5.0. Once I removed the java client dependency everything worked.


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      CAUTION: amqp-client v2.5 and and v2.6 are not compatible :-(

      Unfortunately version v2.5 and v2.6 of the rabbitmq amqp-client are not compatible to each other (LongString moved from com.rabbitmq.client.impl to com.rabbitmq.client IIRC) so that you might run into problems when using v2.6.

      Because of this you might get a ClassNotFoundException in spring-rabbit if you try to it with v2.6


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        Are you not using maven?


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          I was using maven...

          ... never the less the 2.6.1 version (I had still declared) was picked up instead of the 2.5 version :-( I would have expected that both versions would then be present, but that wasn't the case. Please ask maven why :-)
          Just by removing the 2.6 version solved the problem