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    That works for me. Thank you for the help and looking forward to the changes.


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      Quick question.
      With regards to this issue we are thinking in terms of EventMessage pattern. So in your case although you have no arguments to path it is stil an event, agree? If so, the Event Message would still have to have some payload (we do not allow 'null' payloads and probably will never do) and we'll provide a way, probably via annotation, to specify what that is. So with regards to your use case what do you think such value woud be?


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        I guess it would have been easier explaining my situation with a well known pattern...

        I don't envision having anything specific that would be required for the payload. I did figure that we may put some metadata into the message header (not sure exactly what that will be yet). I guess if the payload is not going to be used on the receiving end, it could be some constant representing a null/empty object.


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          I downloaded the M2 build, but need to know the secret to get this to work.



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            You can just add a @Payload annotation on a method of the gateway interface (with a SpEL expression as its value), OR you can provide a "payload-expression" attribute in the <method> XML sub-element of a <gateway>.

            We are going to document this in the ref manual for RC1:


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              As you already mentioned , you have method on the gateway takes no argument.

              This cases probably occur default behaviour of gateway which will try to receive message from PollableChannel , and That's will explain your error message.

              To make address this problem all you have to do is provide payload ,whatever message or header included.
              There is 2 way to provide payload to the gateway

              1) [email protected] annotation on your service interface

              public interface Cafe {
              @Payload("new java.util.Date()")
              List retrieveOpenOrders();

              2)payload-expressionattribute in XML on the method sub-element

              This is exactly identical explanation with mark Fisher from