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  • Reliable delivery and JobManagement with Persistent Queues

    First of all Merry Christmas and a very Happy new year..

    We want to introduce a notion of job management where each job is composed of processing code behind Channels frontended by a persistent Queue(most probably RabbitMQ)

    As an example

    Say we have 2 channels each behind a different queue..Now the job is completed when each channel executed successfully.

    If say one channel execution fails(it will have a retry mechanism) and finally abort if retry fails..When we abort we push message to a DLQ(Dea letter Queue)

    Now from a UI which we will develop we should be able to monitor jobs(I am thinking message itself is the job as it contains the execution context itself)

    So if say a job has two Channels(A and B ) and B has failed..From Ui we should be manaully able to restart execution from B itself..

    In that case message will be pulled from the DLQ and pushed to the Queue which has listener for processing action B..

    I think by using this architecture we achieve reliability as well as dynamic behaviour by introducing more Channels and wiring them through SI

    Is this a good/valid idea or do u suggest anything else..

    Thanks and Regards


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    Have you looked at Spring Batch project? It has a notion of job and nicely integrated with spring integration


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      Yes I am looking into it...

      Unable to figure out that if we have different applications to be part of a job execution should they be Steps in Spring Batch or abstracted behind a channel

      Or a Spring batch step calls the SI channel which invokes the application/s code.


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        The Spring Batch domain model more or less mandates that you make everything inside a Job into a Step, but that doesn't mean you can't implement it behind a remote call or send-and-receive (gateway) style messaging. How you should implement your Step depends on what work needs to be done and where - since you say it is an "application" does that mean it is a remote process?