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  • JMS MessageSelector with message-driven-channel-adapter

    Is there a way to specify MessageSelector on a JMS queue with jms:message-driven-channel-adapter?

    I have an event publishing JNDI queue configured within jms:message-driven-channel-adapter, and I want to pick up only those messages, where the JMS message header property "source" is "myApp".

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    Yes, you should be able to provide a Message Selector (expression as String) via the "selector" attribute on the <message-driven-channel-adapter> element.


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      I can't see it in 1.0.3, so I am guessing its in 2.0.x ...

      What an irony... I need to push my managers harder to bump up to SI 2...


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        Unless SI 2.x passes through some thorough internal reviews and tests, here is what I have been privileged to:
        SI 1.0.4 with Spring 3.0.5

        Until now, it was SI 1.0.3 with Spring 2.5.6.SEC01

        Can you please advise, if there is/are any known compatibility/other issues with this specific match? I don't have too much space to experiment, so I want to minimize the risk, before moving this to dev boxes...



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          Spring Integration 1.0.4 should work with Spring 3.0.5, and we know people are using that combination. That said, the "official" dependency (used for all builds and tests) for 1.0.4 is still Spring 2.5.6.SEC01, whereas the "official" dependency for Spring Integration 2.0.1 is Spring 3.0.5. In other words, we recommend that you do upgrade as soon as you're able.