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  • Samples with invalid XML?


    so I was just trying to run some freshly checked out samples, but with some, the .xml files are invalid. E.g. basic/oddeven/.../intervalOddEvenDemo.xml says "cvc-complex-type.3.2.2: Attribute 'fixed-delay' is not allowed to appear in element 'poller'." (Eclipse and online validators say the same).

    What's going on here? Some 2.0.0 issue? Thanks!


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    I just checked and all works fine and 'fixed-delay' attribute in fact was introduced in 2.0.
    I wonder how do you run these samples? Your symptoms tell me that somehow you trying to run samples against Sprig Integration 1.0.
    Can you validate that 1.0 version is nowhere on the classpath?


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      sampless of spring integration 2.0 of helloworld


      I am having the same error and the STS xml validator says the same error. delay.xml file located in resources/META-INF/spring/integration and the error that I am getting: cvc-complex_type .3.2.2: Attribute 'fixed-delay' is not allowed to appear in element 'intoller".

      I did verify that I am using spring 2.0 and not spring 1.0.

      By the way, I am getting a similar error on 'expression' which is part of the element 'int:inbound-channel-adapter'.



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        When you say spring 2.0 do you mean spring integration 2.0?
        If so, are you sure you don't have 1.0.* still on your classpath?


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          Yes I meant that I have spring integration 2.0 and all of the libraries of 2.0. I don't have any 1.0 spring integration libraries....


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            Are you getting this error at runtime as well as sts?
            Also, what version of sts you are using?


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              I've downloaded the latest sts and so I am at 2.5.1_RELEASE. Also, I did test the run time and it seems to be working. It fails STS validation as well. The file delay.xml (in HelloWorld) has red marks on 'expression' and 'fixed-delay' attributes.

              I appreciate your help.



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                I'm seeing the same. Seems to be a STS issue, the code executes fine. While on the subject on STS and spring integration. STS lacks an option for the twitter schema.


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                  The lastest STS is 2.5.2, freshly released yesterday! Hopefully it will fix some of the issues you're seeing.

                  @magott: Because we're no longer bundling the Spring Integration jars with STS, you'll have to add the integration-twitter jar to your project classpath whenever you want to use it. You'll also have to ensure that STS is loading the XML schemas from the project classpath. You can do this by opening up the STS Preferences->Spring->Beans Support->Namespaces and checking the box that says "Load NamespaceHandlers and XSDs from project classpath". You'll then have to reopen any XML files to pick up the change. Hope that helps!