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  • Best practices for monitoring Spring Integration standalone application?

    I am looking for best practices here to regularly monitor if the spring integration app is up and running.
    Once we host this on third party web hosting environment (Rackspace), they have their own monitoring applications. I am not sure, if there is a way to let the Spring integration application to talk to that monitoring application.

    This should be like a heart beat message or response for the monitoring app.

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    Hi sri,

    I believe JMX is your solution (Check "JMX Support" section of the reference manual).
    I'm quite sure Channels' state and operation are exposed and maybe Channel Adapters as well.
    Maybe somebody else can be a little more specific as I have no experience on the subject (yet -- intending to investigate as well soon :-)).
    Hope this helps,



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      I already implemented JMX exposure part, but that is only about checking the messages and shutting down the app or stopping componenets.
      I am actually talking about monitoring the app itself, to see if its up and running.


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        Sorry if I'm saying something stupid but I'm also interested in the subject, so I'd like to understand as well...
        How knowing that your JVM is running and your channel adapters (or gateways) are started would not be sufficient to prove that your whole application is up and running? Do you have any example?


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          Guys, there is a huge JMX support coming in 2.0.GA (hopefully tomorrow ).
          There was a lot of improvements, but initial JMX support was there since M2 i believe and we already exposing endpoints, channels, adapters for management and monitoring.
          Please read this: and give us a feedback