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    Hi Leo
    Thanks a lot. I would love to try it, so if you can commit and provide access to the nightly build, that would be great!


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      Originally posted by ldossantos View Post
      @racumin: The Integration graph does support printing & exporting. To print the graph you must be on the integration-graph tab. If you try to print from any other tab of the editor, you will print the XML instead. Saving the graph as an image works the same way, but you need to select the "Export..." command from the File menu. We support exporting to JPEG, PNG, and BMP
      Thanks for the info!


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        To get access to our nightly builds, add the following URL to your update sites. You can do this within STS by selecting the Help menu -> Install New Software... command

        Then once the dialog has picked up the features from the update site, you'll want to select the "Core / STS" category, and proceed with the update.

        Standard warning - these builds are automated every day, and some days are better than others so if you're working on mission critical code you might want to backup your STS install before updating, just to be on the safe side.


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          Behaviour and presentation

          Hello Guys

          Sorry by the delay, busy

          The only plugin I installed on top of STS was perforce plugin, which I believe shouldn't be the problem.
          Why you are using this plugin?, is not enough STS by itself?, what is its purpose?

          @dr_pompeii: To use the Spring Integration graph, I would highly recommend going to STS 2.5. The reason you don't see the graph in STS 2.3.2, and why there's no documentation for the STS.ini flag, is because the graph in that build was a work in progress.
          Thank you, but, How did you know about this?, Exists a link with more details about this?, for example when I downloaded the 2.3.2 in which place I should find a special advice about this.?

          @GPS @oleg.zhurakousky @Mark Fisher and for other members about the follow

          Just to share the follow specific and detalied experience for your consideration (already mentioned by GPS - about when STS hangs):

          I downloaded the file, when in STS 2.5.0 I paste the content of Sample.xml in an empty Spring Bean Configuration File , STS in a first glance, it hangs or crash, in try to paste totally the content

          I mean see image 00.png (specially the icon in the left top - the title part), then the next obvious step is close the application and appear image 01.png, after when STS is closed, only a windows is left. See 02.png (@ldossantos perhaps be useful for you)

          The trick is ignore the event like 00.png for a while and wait a little and the code is pasted and I can see the huge diagram,
          but each time when I open this file, the hang event happen.

          Something that I don't like is that I can't move to a specific position each visual component, for a better appreciation or oversight, or if I want to print it, I mean see 03.png

          The solution is like @oleg.zhurakousky shared with us
          which you can fix by disabling "Automatic Layout" - its the button on the menu bar that looks like a 9 squares 3x3.
          I have a question, how is saved the specific coordinates?

          We support exporting to JPEG, PNG, and BMP
          STS only offer a default name with .jpg (no jpeg) extension

          I believe I've identified the primary cause of the performance issues you're seeing, and corrected it. We're planning on releasing STS 2.5.1 in the next couple of weeks, but if you need access to a nightly build let me know.
          Sounds great!

          Best Regards
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            Originally posted by dr_pompeii View Post
            Why you are using this plugin?, is not enough STS by itself?, what is its purpose?
            Ours is a perforce repository, and importing projects using this plugin provides some benefits, like checking and committing any changes directly to repository from eclipse/STS, comparing different versions of a given file in eclipse/STS itself, keeping track of what all files have been changed/added/deleted etc.


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              Hello GPS

              Thanks for the reply, can you share the link of this plugin to read more about that?

              Thank you


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                Only if you are working with a perforce repository, this will be helpful.