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  • unable to resolve reply channel for message

    hi, I get this error when I using mail:outbound-channel-adapter and recipient-list-router.

    this is my code:
    <recipient-list-router id="customRouter" input-channel="errorChannel" ignore-send-failures="false">
    <recipient channel="mailErrorChannel"/>
    <recipient channel="jmsErrorChannel"/>

    <transformer id="testTransformer" input-channel="errorChannel" method="transform" output-channel="mailErrorChannel">
    <beans:bean class="com.test.transformer.ErrorToMailMessageTran sformer">
    <beansroperty name="velocityEngine" ref="velocityEngine"/>

    <mail:outbound-channel-adapter channel="mailErrorChannel" mail-sender="mailSender"/>
    <mail:header-enricher subject="ExampleMail" input-channel="mailErrorChannel"
    to="[email protected]"
    from="[email protected]"

    in the recipient-list-router, I want to send error to email and JMS, JMS is ok, but email is not success, this is error message in JMS,payload is email content. olutionException: unable to resolve reply channel for message: [Payload=<html>
    <h3>你好, 系统管理员:</h3>

    java.lang.ClassCastException: org.springframework.integration.transformer.Messag eTransformationException cannot be cast to java.util.HashSet


    and I found another error in JMS:

    java.lang.IllegalStateException: no value available for the 'MailHeaders.TO' header

    but I have set To in the mail:header-enricher

    does anybody can help me? thank you very much!

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    You have recipient-list-router getting message from the errorChannel and distributing it to mailErrorChannel as well as JMS.
    You also have transformer which gets message from the errorChannel sending it to the mailErrorChannel.
    I am a bit confused as to what are you trying to accomplish here???

    Also, you didn't set output-channel on your header-enricher. The outputChannel should be the one from which mail outbound-channel-adapter will be sending from.


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      I add a output-channel in header-enricher, it is working now, thank you very much!

      I just want to learning how to use jms and email in SI, so I want to send error message to email and jms. I add a channel for email, this is my code, I dont know if it is good, but it is working.

      <recipient-list-router id="customRouter" input-channel="errorChannel" ignore-send-failures="false">
      		<recipient channel="errorToMailChannel"/>
      		<recipient channel="jmsErrorChannel"/>
      	<transformer id="mailTransformer" input-channel="errorToMailChannel" method="transform" output-channel="mailChannel">
      		<beans:bean class="com.test.transformer.ErrorToMailMessageTransformer">
      			<beans:property name="velocityEngine" ref="velocityEngine"/>
      			<beans:property name="templateName" value="mailtemplate.vm"/>
      	<mail:header-enricher subject="${mail.subject}" input-channel="errorChannel" output-channel="errorChannel"
      	<mail:outbound-channel-adapter channel="mailChannel" mail-sender="mailSender"/>