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  • Configuration per incoming Message

    I have a scenario where an xml feed comes in with the following structure

      <source>Vendor #1</source>
        <object>object 1</object>
        <object>object 2</object>
        <object>object 3</object>
        <object>object 4</object>
    I have my spring-integration set up such that the incoming XML is split (using XPathSplitter) and then each <object> node is processed by a Transformer.

    What I need to be able to do is keep track of which <source> the <object> came from when I am transforming it, but that information is currently lost by the time i get to the transformer.

    My initial thought was to subclass the XPathSplitter and have it add a MessageHeader containing the <source> to each of the split messages, but I couldn't figure out where the Headers were actually set in that process.

    Anyone have other ideas?


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    I think what you would want to do is add a Transformer prior to the Splitter. The Transformer could set the value in the header of the pre-split Message.

    Feel free to open a JIRA issue. I think it would be worth adding an XPath-based "header-enricher" in the Spring Integration XML namespace.


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      Am i understanding you correctly that the Headers will propagate between steps.


      Original XML --> Transformer adds Header X --> Splitter --> each split message has a header X ?

      [NOTE: I just tested this and it does appear to be the case... who knew? :-) ] thanks!
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        Originally posted by nhajratw View Post
        who knew?
        Well, we put it there on purpose