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  • 1.0.0.M6 -> 1.0.3.GA Where did the classes go?

    I haven't worked with SI for about 9 months, I had made some utilities based on 1.0.0.M6, and when upgrading to 1.0.3.GA all the classes that I was relying on disappeared. Could someone let me know if they have a class called MessageBus? I'd like to know if I've just messed up the classpath. It used to be in org.springframework.integration.bus.MessageBus, but I can't see MessageBus in any package now.

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    There is no longer a MessageBus class. That is probably one of the biggest changes between the milestones and the 1.0 final release. The main idea was to make all components more autonomous with Spring Integration's role being to turn the Spring ApplicationContext itself into a Message Bus. Rather than registering components explicitly with the bus, the various MessageHandler implementations (transformer, splitter, router, etc.) are configured within either EventDrivenConsumer or PollingConsumer instances (depending on the channel type they refer to for input).

    Feel free to ask some specific questions here. Hopefully once you see one or two examples, it should be relatively straightforward.



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      Thanks Mark. Good to know I'm not going nuts. Our util was created because we have the need to dynamically (rather than statically) define message channels, so can't do the config in an xml file. Is dynamic creation still possible?


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        You should be able to accomplish what you need. I think the best place to start would be the Reference Manual (especially the channel chapter):

        You can focus on the API rather than the configuration. Also, you might use a MapBasedChannelResolver as opposed to the default BeanFactoryChannelResolver wherever that is needed.

        Finally, for a truly dynamic environment, you really might be interested in the blog on Spring Integration and OSGi (running on dm Server) that will be posted later today. Keep an eye on: