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    It would be nice to include which tags use which XSDs and the dependency jars for that. It took a while for me to figure that out when I was implementing it in my project. Also, if certain tags require a specific Spring version, it be mentioned as well.


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      The Message Endpoints are summarized at the top of the doc under section 1.4.

      It would be nice if there were a link from each summary to the more detailed explanations later in the doc.

      For example, section 1.4.1 introduces the Transformer. It would be helpful for this section to include a link to section 9 where Transformers are described in more detail.

      I am referring to this preview doc:


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        Chapter 17: Message Publishing

        It seems that the @Publisher annotation has changed. It requires an additional @Payload annotation to define the payload. How ever the text of Chapter 17 seems only valid for M5, but not for M6 anymore. Also the sample needs an update.

        Regards Markus


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          We have created this issue to cover that particular documentation update:

          Feel free to add any comments there.



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            Spring Integration Reference Manual 2.0.0.RC1 outdated section

            28.3 Mail Namespace Support

            <mail:header-enricher subject="Example Mail"	
            	              to="[email protected]"
            	              cc="[email protected]"
            	              bcc="[email protected]"
            	              from="[email protected]"
            	              reply-to="[email protected]"
            When it should be something like:
            <mail:header-enricher input-channel="mailOutputChannel" 
                <mail:from value="[email protected]" />
            as the use of top-level attributes for headers was dropped.
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              Our RMI support is built on top of Spring, so I would suggest to read the following documentation to learn how to expose a regular POJO as a remote component.
              Then you can hook up SI to it.


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                Gateways add Map arg to Headers automatically

                If you have a proxied service method defined as a gateway bean and/or annotated with @Gateway, if you define one parameter of type java.util.Map, it will automatically have its contents added to the Headers. This means that annotating that method parameter with @Headers is optional.

                (Per other forum thread including this recommendation from Oleg)


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                  XMPP Documentation

                  I suggest the XMPP connection namespace section reference the XMPP appendencies for more advanced configurations.


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                    Originally posted by jerdavis View Post
                    I see the reference document,
                    I see javadoc.

                    But where would I find a complete explanation of all the various tags on things like:


                    what is 'expect-reply', what happens if I set it to true/false?
                    what is 'remote-invocation-executor'..

                    If it wasn't for my IDE, I wouldn't even know these tags existed...
                    etc etc...
                    Hello , I would like to see better explaination of the route from using default directChannels to asychronous messaging.

                    The manual does tackle the config for each type of channel, but it would benefit from a larger section on tips/why/when etc.

                    Can you also help with tips for logging/debugging an async system. e.g. are there plugins/tools to show performance of the channels etc.

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                      Our documentation went through major update for the upcoming 2.0 release. We also have a new samples repository with many more samples where you can find most of what you need and if you don't open a JIRA -

                      As far as tips. Please ask specific question about your use case on this forum. That is why its here in the first place.

                      As far as channel performance, one thing you must understand is that channel is not a performance bottleneck in the first place. There is nothing that is going on inside the channel that could potentially represent a performance problem. Channel is all about decoupling producer and consumer. Internally it is just a handoff of the message from the producer to the consumer. Such handoff might be sync/async, but that is another story. In any event channel can throughput as many messages as the amount of simplest java method that you can invoke on your machine


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                        xpath-transformer documentation

                        Section "24.7 Transforming xml messages using XPath" refers to an xpath-transformer element which, as far as I can tell, has been removed from the 2.0.0 release.

                        This is this the second issue I've stumbled on in the last couple of days (the other being section "24.5 Routing xml messages using XPath" which is also out of date).

                        When will the documentation be updated to reflect the 2.0.0 release?


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                          There definitely is an <xpath-transformer> element in 2.0. Can you explain what you're seeing that makes it appear to be unavailable?

                          Also, we have made some updates to the XML section (specifically related to routers) that will be available in the 2.0.1 release (planned for tomorrow). Can you please let us know if you are seeing something that has not yet been addressed by this issue?:

                          FWIW, we tried to make sure everything was up-to-date for 2.0 GA, but there's quite a bit of material there; So please be patient as we catch a few things that were left out. Since we are releasing 2.0.1 tomorrow, I would especially like to know if the issue I pointed to above has missed anything that you noticed.



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                            You're right

                            My bad. It looks like a problem with my STS. I'm using STS 2.5.1 with these namespaces:

                            <beans xmlns=""
                            Using the XML completion in STS only three transformers are being shown as available in the int-xml namespace:

                            With the changes to xpath-router, when I didn't see an xpath-transformer in STS I assumed it had been removed. Adding an xpath-transformer works as per the documentation.

                            Incidentally, what's the best way of reporting typos and other minor documentation issues?


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                              Building PDF Docs Runs Out of Heap Space

                              I tried building Spring Integration from source using the instructions here...

                              It failed with the following error message:

                              FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

                              * Where:
                              Empty build file

                              * What went wrong:
                              Execution failed for task ':docs:docbookPdf'.
                              Cause: Java heap space

                              * Try:
                              Run with -s or -d option to get more details. Run with -S option to get the full (very verbose) stacktrace.

                              BUILD FAILED

                              Total time: 14 mins 49.05 secs

                              Looks like it ran out of heap space.

                              Joshua Smith


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                                All you need to do is set the GRADLE_OPTS
                                For example:
                                export GRADLE_OPTS="-Xmx1024m"