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  • packaging a SI project to deploy to WAS

    Hi all,

    Whats the recommended way to package and kick off my SI project?
    Currently, I've deployed it in a WAR file but not sure if this is really correct. I am having quite a bit of JNDI issues. Any Most appreciative.

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    here we go...

    3.10. Deploying a Spring ApplicationContext as a J2EE RAR
    Since Spring 2.5, it is possible to deploy a Spring ApplicationContext as a RAR file, encapsulating the context
    and all of its required bean classes and library JARs in a J2EE RAR deployment unit. This is the equivalent of
    bootstrapping a standalone ApplicationContext, just hosted in J2EE environment, being able to access the J2EE
    Spring Framework (2.5.6) 91
    The IoC container
    server's facilities. RAR deployment is intended as a more 'natural' alternative to the not uncommon scenario of
    deploying a headless WAR file - i.e. a WAR file without any HTTP entry points, just used for bootstrapping a
    Spring ApplicationContext in a J2EE environment.
    RAR deployment is ideal for application contexts that do not need any HTTP entry points but rather just consist
    of message endpoints and scheduled jobs etc. Beans in such a context may use application server resources
    such as the JTA transaction manager and JNDI-bound JDBC DataSources and JMS ConnectionFactory
    instances, and may also register with the platform's JMX server - all through Spring's standard transaction
    management and JNDI and JMX support facilities. Application components may also interact with the
    application's server JCA WorkManager through Spring's TaskExecutor abstraction.
    Check out the JavaDoc of the SpringContextResourceAdapter class for the configuration details involved in
    RAR deployment.
    For simple deployment needs, all you need to do is the following: Package all application classes into a RAR
    file (which is just a standard JAR file with a different file extension), add all required library jars into the root
    of the RAR archive, add a "META-INF/ra.xml" deployment descriptor (as shown in
    SpringContextResourceAdapter's JavaDoc) as well as the corresponding Spring XML bean definition file(s)
    (typically "META-INF/applicationContext.xml"), and drop the resulting RAR file into your application server's
    deployment directory!
    NOTE: Such RAR deployment units are usually self-contained; they do not expose components to the 'outside'
    world, not even to other modules of the same application. Interaction with a RAR-based ApplicationContext
    usually happens through JMS destinations that it shares with other modules. A RAR-based ApplicationContext
    may also - for example - schedule some jobs, reacting to new files in the file system (or the like). If it actually
    needs to allow for synchronous access from the outside, it could for example export RMI endpoints, which of
    course may be used by other application modules on the same machine as well.


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      this doesnt work on WAS, I packaged up a RAR using Maven and got all the files in the right places, but WAS refuses to install it with this error. Any ideas?

      [5/15/09 14:44:18:951 SAST] 00000109 J2CResourceAd E Exception caught while retrieving the RAR information prior to installRAR. ceException: Exception thrown in RequiredModelMBean while trying to invoke operation getRARInfo


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        You might want to post this error in the "Core Container" forum (as a generic RAR question).


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          yup i did post it there too, i only added that RAR comment after I tried an approach to packaging and starting a standalone Spring SI APP, as per the reference docs.

          My original question though, what is the best practice method for deploying and standalone SI spring app to a J2EE container. So far, the only way I can get it sort of working was wrapping it in a webapp, but I was hoping the RAR method would work, but again I think its a WAS specific pain preventing it.