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  • Problem with JMS Channel not processing all messages.

    Hi All,

    Im absolutely new to this forum and have only started looking at Spring Integration the last few days. I want to use Spring jms integration to bridge between JBoss queues and Active MQ queues. Im using jboss-4.2.3, Active MQ 5.2 and Spring Integration Release 1.0.2.

    From reading the docs I have put together a sample application (that kind of works !!) which is made up of the following spring integration components:

    An inbound gateway that listens to messages arriving on a JBoss queue and places them on a channel. I then have an outbound channel adapter that takes messages from the channel and sends them to a target endpoint which is defined as the active mq queue. I have a MDP which listens for messages on the active MQ.

    This configuration looks like the following:

    <channel id="bridgeChannel">
    <queue capacity="10"/>

    <jms:inbound-gateway id="jmsInGateway"

    <jms:outbound-channel-adapter id="jmsOut" destination="activeMQRequestQueue" channel="bridgeChannel" connection-factory="activeMQConnectionFactory"/>

    My problem is the following. I start the Bridge, send a message to the JBoss queue, the message gets processed and the MDP picks it up fine. So everything works fine. I send a second message but this is not getting processed. It sits on the JBoss queue but it is not arriving on the Active MQ queue. If I restart the bridge the message then gets processed immediately and picked up by the MDP. (By starting the bridge I mean a main class that initialises the spring context file)

    Is there anything obvious that im missing here ? Im not sure if its a problem with my channel, adapter or the message itself im sending.

    Appreciate any help !