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  • Architectural question regarding channel publishers

    I have a bean which is responsible for reading from an external source (a camera) and generating messages asynchronously. The messages are routed to various subscriber beans (filters/detectors). I'm still trying to fully understand the Integration architecture, so I need some help.

    Looking at the reference documentation, it appears that the preferred method to do something like this is to create a channel adapter to poll the bean and dump the return values into a channel, but that approach doesn't lend itself to async message publishers. As it stands, I have a PublishSubscribeChannel being injected into the bean and then manually create and publish the Messages to the channel. Although it works, it ruins the pojo-ness of the service and I can't help but wonder if there's a better way.

    Any guidance? Thanks!

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    You might want to have a look at the GatewayProxyFactoryBean section of the reference manual. It seems like that may cover your use-case in a POJO style. For an example, you can check out the Cafe interface and the corresponding configuration in the cafe sample.


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      Simple enough. I hadn't thought about going that route. Thanks!