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  • XSD Schema for namespace configuration

    Hi Folks!

    Does anyone know when they will upload the new schema on www dot springframework dot org/schema/integration/* ?

    'Cause now to use auto-completion from ide's are being a big headache, mapping to use the xsd inside jars, etc

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    The online schemas will be updated today for RC1.


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      Is there a way to get the older XSD, for milestone 6? I have not upgraded to RC1 and now my configuration XML is invalid, since it points to the upgraded XSD at


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        You can configure the XML Catalog for your IDE to point to the M6 versions. The XSD files themselves are located in the JARs, so everything is available within the workspace.

        For example, in Eclipse:
        Preferences -> Web and XML -> XML Catalog

        Then choose "Add..." and provide the following...
        Location: select 'Workspace...' and browse to the XSD location (e.g. for "core" in M6, it would be "src/main/java/org/springframework/integration/config/spring-integration-core-1.0.xsd")
        Key Type: Schema Location
        Key: (or the corresponding reference for the 'adapters' or 'ws' schema location, etc)

        After we release 1.0 final, the XSD versions will be updated and previous versions maintained. For example, there may be 1.1.xsd files, but we will keep the 1.0 files online as well.

        Hope that helps.


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          I'd like to know how to get an xsd for milestone 6 as well.


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            Ah. Thanks!


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              I have solved my issue, simply by changing my xsi:schemaLocation attribute. Before fixing it, the schemaLocation element was pointing to


              This started breaking once the new schema for RC1 was posted, and I could not load my web app due to a validation error on the XML, since the new schema differs from the old. It seemed bad to me that it was trying to go to the internet to get the schema file anyway. After a bit of research, I learned that by default spring will try to resolve the schema location to the local copy of the XSD in the spring jar file, which makes a lot more sense. So, my next question was, why was this not working properly? I looked into the spring-integration M6 jar, and found that the META-INF/spring.schemas file had an entry for a slightly different schema URL. So I just changed my schemaLocation to point to the URL that was in the spring.schemas file, and everything stopped complaining. The expected URL was


              Note that it has "core" in there.


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                Thanks for providing the detailed description. You noticed that the original XSD (without 'core') in M6 was used to combine multiple schemas and that there were some custom configuration requirements to provide the various adapters. It turns out that approach was not very elegant and didn't work very well in certain environments. The RC1 approach is therefore more straightforward - with individual schemas and namespaces per adapter type. The modules are more autonomous and the configuration is simpler to understand. Sorry for the confusing that the M6 version has caused, but I'm glad to see that you've got it working now, and when you are able to upgrade to RC1, I hope you agree that it's smoother and simpler.