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  • Upgrading M3 to M6

    Hi Mark et all.

    After 3 months of being tied to other projects I finally got back to "my" SI based Service Layer architecture, that is growing in importance in our project (basically is going to be the "backbone" of our in-house framework).

    If you remember our prior discussions, (the sync messaging, the random access queue, the request/reply, the correlationId, the sync that falls down to assync on time-out) you were in the middle of implementing some of them.

    At the moment I have my code using M4 but still with many of my own classes that implemented some functionalities that weren't there in M3 but were implemented in M4. So I can say my code is still based on M3+extensions.

    Can you point me to some good directions about "jumping" right ahead to M6?

    Examples, updated docs, whatever you feel like it...

    Thanks in advance, is good to be back to this forum/project.

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    Picking up where I left (this post) I'm trying to implement my "assynchronous request/reply with correlationId" (use case: I send a message to q request channel and receive back a corrId, later on I peek a request channel to see if a message with tha corrId is there and if yes I pick it).

    I'm trying to use the <gateway> like in the reference and in GatewayProxyFactoryBeanTests but with little success. It seems easy to do a sync req/reply but I don't see how to do it assync.

    Also, I think there is a use for a

    <gateway id="fooService"
    in order to avoid the "dead-letter" problem.

    Any help?