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  • Problem with jms-source

    Hi there,

    I'm trying to get the jms-source adapter to work, but I'm banging my head against the keyboard here..

    I have set it up like this :

    <jms-source id="jms_source" channel="response" destination-name="sms.gateway.exit" connection-factory="connectionFactory"/>

    My understanding is, that given that the connection factory works and a valid connection to the broker is established, then whenever there is a message on the sms.gateway.exit queue the jms-source adapter should read the message and convert it to a Spring Message and then send it to the "response" channel. Am I correct ?

    If I then register a MessageEndpoint with the input channel "response", then the Handler in that endpoint should be called whenever there is a jms message on the queue ?

    I have tried this, but it does not work. The handler does not get called.

    Ant ideas ? The broker is a Sonic thing, and it returnes some sort of multi-part message. Could this be a problem ?

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    Are you using Spring Integration M3 or a more recent snapshot (or SVN head) version?


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      I have tried both. Now I'm using M3. The jms-target works ok, and I can send messages to the broker, but nothing gets read from the queue


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        I found the problem. It was something wrong with the broker queues. Sorry about that.


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          No problem.

          One thing to note when you do switch to M4 (to be released soon) or the SVN head version: the source and source-endpoint have been separated in configuration (so that "channel" is now configured at the <source-endpoint/> element rather than the <source/> element) as described on a reply to your other post: