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  • RequestReplyTemplate doubt

    I want to establish a synchronous communication <request-reply> with 2 queues , i.e I will be using a request on one queue and expecting a synchronous reply back at other queue.
    Is requestReplyTemplate the right thing for above scenario ?
    I tried setting it up but am not able to recieve the response correctly, it does not reaches my replyhandler.
    I am listening for the response through the jms-source and handing it over to the channel defined by requestReplyTemplate , but it is being sent off to the request queue instead.

    In the code I see something called as RendezvousChannel listening for responses...I did not really understand.

    The config is as follows :
    	<jms-target id="paymentsTxHistoryWmqProvider"
    		channel="paymentsTxHistoryChannel" />
    	<jms-source id="paymentsTxHistoryWmqConsumer"
    		channel="paymentsTxHistoryChannel" acknowledge="auto" />
    	<channel id="paymentsTxHistoryChannel" />
    	<beans:bean id="reqReplyTemplate" class="">
    		<beans:constructor-arg ref="paymentsTxHistoryChannel"/>

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    The RequestReplyTemplate sets an "anonymous" channel as the 'returnAddress' property on the request Message prior to sending to a channel. However, in your case, you are waiting for a reply on the "jms-source" channel. Is that correct?

    If so, you can take a look at the ResponseCorrelator. It is itself a MessageHandler that receives the responses and allows you to call getResponse(correlationId).

    I noticed that you are setting the same channel for your jms-source and jms-target. If that jms-source is expecting responses based on the "reply-to" Destination of the jms-target's Messages, then you want to make sure to provide a separate channel for those responses (otherwise, it's going to try to send those responses right back to the responder).

    We will be providing a proxy-based approach that hides these rather low-level components.


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      I understand that my response messages are being redirected to request queues because of setting the same channel in jms-source and jms-target .. I need to know whats the right way to recieve the response.
      I do not have to define the jms-source if it can be done any other way..
      I need to get handle on the response which is being sent on another queue , not necessarily defiend by 'replyTo' attribute.
      Also, the messages do not have correlation id so to speak of, the actual correlation data is hidden inside the payload ..

      Do I still need to look at responseCorrelator ? if so, do I have to configure it or its being done automatically and I just need to call the getResponse(Object correlationId) ?