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  • jdbc inbound-channel-adapter update statement not being translated correctly...

    I have a JDBC inbound channel adapter defined as the following. For some reason, suddenly it's not working anymore and I'm getting the exception below which seems to show that the update statement is convering the "cqtime = :cqtime" to "cqtime = ?, ?, ?"...

                query="select * from dsnlogdata.crcpq where cqsts=''"
                update="update dsnlogdata.crcpq set cqsts='F' where cqtime = :cqtime">
            <int:poller fixed-rate="60000">
                <int:transactional />
    19:17:32.742 [task-scheduler-5] ERROR o.s.i.handler.LoggingHandler - org.springframework.jdbc.BadSqlGrammarException: PreparedStatementCallback; bad SQL grammar [update dsnlogdata.crcpq set cqsts='F' where cqtime = ?, ?, ?]; nested exception is java.sql.SQLException: [SQL0104] Token , was not valid. Valid tokens: OR SKIP WITH.
    This worked fine until I today. All I've done today is modify some code in a completely separate module, unrelated to this JDBC inbound channel adapter. I'm using Spring Integration 2.2.0.RELEASE.

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    Well chalk this up to RTFM :P

    After re-reading the documentation, I realized my problem. In my update statement where "cqtime = :cqtime", this worked fine up until now because the select query on the inbound channel adapter was mainly returning 1 record. In my test tonight, I was retrieving 3 records at the same time, hence the "cqtime = ?, ?, ?". Each of those ? value markers was for each one of the records returned by the select query. Changing it to "cqtime in (:cqtime)" fixed my problem. Now regardless of how many records is returned by the select statement, they'll all be updated properly.