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    I would like to launch examples which use Spring AMQP for .NET to communicate with RabbitMQ. For example, I would like to establish new connection with login and password to queue server, then create new exchange, queues and bindings and send some message to the queue. Then I'd like to receive confirmation (the other application will be listener to the queue and should confirm receipt and correctness of the data).

    However, I cannot launch examplary application. I have found one download here ( and it leads to spring-amqp-net-1.0.0.M1. The other is this (, i.e. spring-net-amqp-master.

    There is also documentation ( but it does not explain how to launch examplary application.

    Launching this (spring-amqp-net-1.0.0.M1\Spring.Messaging.Amqp.2008.sln) project with Visual Studio 2010 gives me wizard to convert the solution. There are no conversion errors and there is one warning. Building solution gives 0 errors and 1037 warnings. I cannot launch it because "a project with an Output Type of Class Library cannot be started directly" (this is understandable, as it is library). I cannot find any examples in solution explorer but I can find those manually in directory spring-amqp-net-1.0.0.M1\examples\Spring.RabbitQuickStart.2008.

    Opening Spring.RabbitQuickStart.2008.sln gives me the same conversion wizard (no errors, two warnings). I can build it but launching causes exception ("RabbitMQ.Client.Exceptions.OperationInterruptedE xception: The AMQP operation was interrupted: AMQP close-reason, initiated by Peer, code=403, text="ACCESS_REFUSED - operation not permitted on the default exchange", classId=50, methodId=20, cause=", spring-amqp-net-1.0.0.M1\examples\Spring.RabbitQuickStart.008\src\ Spring\Spring.RabbitQuickStart.Server\Program.cs:l ine 46).

    Launching spring-amqp-net-1.0.0.M1 from Visual Studio 2008 causes error "cannot be opened because its project type is not supported by this version of the application) for all csproj files.

    The other project is spring-net-amqp-master\Spring.Messaging.Amqp.2010-40.sln. I open it in Visual Studio 2010, it does not require conversion wizard. It can be built with 0 errors and 289 warnings but cannot be launched as it is library.

    Launching spring-net-amqp-master\examples\Spring.RabbitQuickStart\Spring.Rab bitQuickStart.2010.sln in Visual Studio 2010 requires conversion wizard and there is conversion error.

    Opening spring-net-amqp-master\Spring.Messaging.Amqp.2010-40.sln with Visual Studio 2008 cannot be done (it says it was created from newer version). Opening spring-net-amqp-master\examples\Spring.RabbitQuickStart\Spring.Rab bitQuickStart.2010.sln is unsuccesfull ("cannot be opened because its project type (.csproj) is not supported by this version").

    I don't know if this project is still supported for .net. I have found this ( topic but there is no answer.


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    The Spring AMQP for .NET project is most certainly NOT dead, work is progressing on it regularly. However, the present state of the MASTER branch on the github repository is also definitely NOT in proper working order. We are in the process of (re)synchronizing some of the recent changes in the java AMQP implementation with the .NET version and once that's complete (and merged back in) MASTER should once again be in a usable state.

    re: working samples, its not unexpected that the /samples/ content in the repository isn't in a completely functional state at present. Our approach has always been to get the main library code to a stable, working milestone point and THEN to focus on updating the provided samples to properly depend upon on the new code (e.g. the sample are left unmodified until the main project code becomes stable/functional). This does of course mean that the samples will be in an inconsistent state during the time that changes are being made to the MASTER branch on github (as they are now).

    If you are seeking a sample of the Spring AMQP for .NET library that is in a functional state NOW, you can peruse the interop sample project here for the time being. It uses an older (but stable!) pre-release version of the AMQP for .NET project, but it should suffice to let you review the programming paradigms, config examples, etc. that would still be applicable to the later upcoming releases of Spring AMQP for .NET.

    BTW, we are expecting to be able to push another milestone candidate to the repository by the end of the week (probably v0.9.9) with an eye towards a final 1.0GA release well before the end of the year. We expect to have the samples updated/working with the 0.9.9 release within the next several days as well (which would make the samples in the github repo again functional for you and others).

    Also, you can review the docs at to see a high-level understanding of how to interact with the project.

    Thanks for your interest in the project -- we're sorry that you've been caught up a bit in the work-in-progress nature of the current state of the samples and appreciate your patience as we march towards 1.0GA.

    -Steve B.