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    There is any away to stop just one route??
    I mean,a console like apache camel?

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    In Spring Integration, you can stop the adapters (they are Lifecycle implementations). Each is JMX-enabled, and/or you can use the Control Bus:


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      And how i can stop the adapters except stoping the program?


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        I don't think Mark was suggesting to "stopping the program". There is an pattern called Control Bus which allows you to maintain control over messaging system and that is the support we have in Spring Integration.

        For the record there is no such a thing as 'route' when it comes to Messaging system since route implies a well known beginning and end and which in itself contradicts the architecture of pipes-and-filter (the core of messaging architecture).

        Anyway, hope that helps


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          ok,i understand..
          I was looking something like console in apache camel..
          I will try control bus anyway


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            There is nothing better than send a message by the channel?
            imagine that channel is not working bcz a error..How i can stop that without stop all application :\


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              The Control Bus works independent from other channels in the flow. So, yes, you can use it to start/stop individual components without having to shut down everything. Also, as mentioned, please take a look at the provided JMX functionality:


              Furthermore, as we touch the subject of monitoring, take a look at the integration capabilities with Spring Insight

              The Spring Integration Plugin:

              Some further useful information:

              Please also see the following webinar "Managing and Monitoring Spring Integration Applications" for more information:


              I hope this provides some additional pointers.




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                ok,i used controlbus and worker perfect but my problem now is, i need to deploy the project in other computer..
                So how i can stop the channels from my computer?? There is any solution??


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                  anyone can help,plz?


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                    Does your remote App have some public interface: HTTP-port, JMX-server, socket-server, file-interface?
                    Or can it be connect as client to some messaging middleware, e.g. AMQP?
                    Or maybe you have some shared DataBase...
                    ControlBus does not have any difference of another endpoints: it is listening some channel and invoking command based on Message's payload.

                    Take care,


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                      What do u recommend?? :\


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                        What do u recommend?
                        AMQP will be more flexible and allow to accomplish the best loose-coupling.


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                          Originally posted by Cleric View Post
                          AMQP will be more flexible and allow to accomplish the best loose-coupling.

                          There is any example with that?
                          bcz i really never worker with that


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                            Ok,im using AMQP as midlleware and a web service on client.
                            So now, how i can stop channels if my server and project is in other computer??


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                              You can send a message to a <control-bus/> to stop the AMQP adapter.

                              You can use any transport you want to send such a message to another system (http, tcp, udp, amqp etc).

                              Or, you can use JMX; spring provides a convenient factory bean to connect to a remote MBean server.