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  • Polling and Exception management

    I'm a little confuse by the way exception is handling.

    Say I have a file directory scanning with a poller that handle for instance 1024 files per poll and wait 1 minute between each poll. The next step is for instance to transform the incoming file with an XSLT Transformation. If one file is not well formed then the module throws logically an exception.

    Once the actual exception treated following the given errorChannel, the poller is actually rescheduled, and then wait for a minute not only after 1024 files treated but after each exception.

    What is the de facto solution to let the whole file list being consumed without leaving the current poller execution ?

    Why not simply let the poller be configurable in a way which permit to say if we want to fail fast on any exception (and the rescheduling) or treat the exception and then immediately continue with the current queue ?

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    Forgive me to bump up this Thread. Maybe this is a really dumb question, maybe I'm not clear at all.

    Could someone give me a hint or a clue on this use-case which ensure that a full directory scan for instance is process in a whole even if an exception is throw at any time (eg. transformation of a file).

    Thanks for help


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      Can you clarify whether you are using the Spring Integration file:inbound-channel-adapter?


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        I currently use a int-ftp:inbound-channel-adapter which delegate to a FileReadingMessageSource if I'm not wrong.