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  • Spring Integration, STS 2.9.2, Spring Template Project Samples (Standalone - Simple)

    I'm learning how to use Spring Integration and started investigating the new SI samples accessed through a Spring Template Project (I discovered the YouTube video demonstrating it). I'm having problem getting the build path setup properly due to an error that I can't find a solution. Here is the problem:

    Under the Markers tab, I'm getting Java Build Path Problem which stipulates:
    Archive for required library: '/Users/me/.m2/repository/ch/qos/logback/logback-core-1.0.0.jar in project 'demo' cannot read or is not a valid ZIP file.

    I have googled this error, but cannot find a solution.
    I would appreciate anyone's guidance on this problem.

    Much Thanks,

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    I would think your dependency in the maven repository got possibly corrupted during downloading or you're encountering some caching issue (you see some meta data for your dependency under the respective .m2 but the actual Jar is missing.).

    In order to rule out a Maven issue, could you try building the project from the command line? Go to the project folder and run

    $ mvn clean package

    That should build successfully. If that does not build, could you delete the folder in your local .m2 directory that holds the dependency? Afterwards repeat the build.

    If it builds successfully but your issue persists in STS, could you relaunch Eclipse? Right-click your project, go to Maven --> 'Update Project Configuration...'

    Please let me know if any of those steps solved your issue.




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      Thanks so much Gunnar for the quick reply!!

      I rebuilt at the command line, but it failed, so i whacked the ch (the build was looking for something in there called "joran"). It then built successfully. I did have to run the Update Project Configuration and now everything looks great!!

      Thanks for getting me out of the ditch


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        Excellent to hear! If you are interested, checkout STS 3.0.0.M3. I have just updated its Spring Integration templates. They include a few fixes around logging and general clean-up. The dependencies were updated also. Furthermore, the updated templates now also contain one for creating custom templates. I know that you are just learning Spring Integration right now, but it may nevertheless provide some helpful insights on understanding how things are wired up.