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  • Aggregator Release Strategy - zipping files when all files arrive


    Thank you for Spring Integration! I can't stop admiring its beauty. So awesome!

    I thought I figured out most of the stuff based on the samples.

    Kinda stuck at the release strategy of the aggregator.

    User story:

    As a user, I see a list of files processed and aggregated into a tar gz file, so that I save space on my disk.

    I figured I would use:

    1. File Inbound adapter and recursive scan strategy to read from a directory
    2. Handler or transformer to "decorate" the Message<File> with the metadata
    3. *** Need to figure out how to tell the aggregator start tar-gz the Message<File>.

    The aggregator should start tar gz when all files in the inbound adapter directory has been read and processed.

    How does the processor/transformer tell the aggregator down stream? Setting SEQUENCE_SIZE? How to retrieve the SEQUENCE_SIZE of a particular directory?


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    Hello, Simon

    As I see you need some correlation and aggrregation logic, but "File Inbound adapter" doesn't have them .
    Try to investigate <resource-inbound-channel-adapter/>.
    It retrives Resource[] by provided pattern, then you can place your tar-gz service as adapter's downstream.

    Will it be enoung?

    Artem Bilan