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  • JSR311 integration

    We have an existing service interface written in RESTEasy. We would like to use SI for BL flow/routing mediation etc, but keep the front service interface unchanged. Best practices on how to integrate these?

    JSR-311 complaint service -> SI -> activators/splitters/aggregators (other BL) etc. -> db <-


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    Any thoughts on this from SI folks?


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      Sure. There are a few options, but I would probably recommend injecting a proxy generated by a Spring Integration <gateway>. In that case, all you need to define is an interface, and as a result it facilitates testing (e.g. with mocks).



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        Can you provide more details?
        Your JSR-311 services are they inbound or outbound?
        I am assuming they are inbound. If so than once you get to the code part you can simply call into SI flow.
        May be if you provide more details we can give you some pointers as tow how to make it more concise and implement JSR-311 adapters


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          Yes Inbound REST endpoints. The service interface is injected with service facade objects which make calls to other layers of the application. I would like to take the inbound requests and make calls to SI components which interact with DAL layer and other SI stuff (routing outbound calls aggregate etc.) without changing the in/out contract. Adapters is the word i was looking for... how would I make calls into SI flow? Assuming I'm using something like RESTEasy for my service definitions. How do I pass stuff to a SI channel from a facade.

          If so than once you get to the code part you can simply call into SI flow.
          Is there an example of how to go about doing this? tutorials linked below on spring/resteasy integration. Could i extend on this?

          New to SI. My service contracts are defined somewhat like they are in these tutorials (standard rest).


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            There are so many ways to slice this cat that I don't even know where to begin.
            I'd recommend firs get up to speed with SI
            Here are couple of resources
            Good intro Webinar by Mark Fisher:
            and many more resources available here

            Also, are you really interested in using JSR-311 or you are mainly interested in using REST as IN/OUT endpoints to your system?
            The reason why I am asking is that we have very robust REST support IN SI and there are quite a few samples in the link i posted above


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              Thanks for the links. Yeah I'm tied to an existing service layer so would not like to use http gateways. I've used SI before, but not an expert on it. I'm more concerned about the adapter layer which goes to SI flow, and best practices. Mark mentioned a proxy gateway, which seems like the way to go. Esp. for unit testing. Curious if anyone has set something like this up and have an example to get me started.