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  • SI schemas - version-less Vs 2.1

    As per section 1.2.2 of Spring Integration Reference manual, we are supposed to use the version-less SI namespace i.e. with schema location as However the xsd at this particular location is different from 2.1 Shouldn't they be the same, if version-less is pointing to the latest xsd?

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    Spring projects internally map schemas to physical files in the jars. In 2.1, the versionless schema is mapped to the 2.1 schema.

    If you are using SpringSource ToolSuite (STS) and having difficulties, you might be suffering from an old version of the schema being cached. A comment in this JIRA explains the steps to clear the cache...

    ...and make sure STS configuration is set up to properly resolve the schemas.


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      ...and the reason the online schemas are still 1.0 is a bit of a long story, but I'll try to provide a condensed version. Basically in the earliest releases (up to 1.0.3 I believe), we required an explicitly versioned schema. Then, we realized the versionless schema is in fact flexible so we added that. At that point, people could have been using versionless schemas inadvertantly (pasting config examples into their pre-1.0.3 apps, etc), and as a result they were depending upon the online XSD instead of one available on their classpath. When we change that online schema it would affect such apps. Now that the 1.0.x line is EOL, however, I think we should finally reconsider making the change online as well.

      Hope that makes sense.


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        Thanks Mark for the explanation.

        Gary, I did try clearing the cache, but on closing and opening my context file, I find that Eclipse (not STS) downloads both these version of the schema file
        Also, I'm using the latest libraries (2.1.1)

        Anyway this is not causing me any headache (other than not seeing few attributes in the context help menu); just thought will flag it here.


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          If you don't want to use the bundled STS, you might want to consider installing the plugins from the update site. They give you lots of good stuff like Spring bean graph visualization, Spring Integration graphical editor, oh, and... workspace schema resolution.