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  • SI Message and JMS Message priority values


    I am having issues with being able to set/determine priority values on messages flowing in my app.

    I have seen JIRA issue INT-1435 and looked at SI 2.1.0.RELEASE to see the changes made there. However, it appears that for the jms:inbound-gateway, the reply messages can still only be given one fixed value for priority as set with "reply-priority" on the inbound-gateway element.

    Basically what I am looking for is to be able to set a priority on an entire message "flow" through the app. I can set the priority at the start, and now with INT-1435, that priority will be assigned on the JMS message at the broker, but when this request message gets picked up by the "inbound-gateway" and a reply message generated, it's priority is back to the default (or at best, set to ONE value for all reply messages).

    So what I am after is for the ChannelPublishingJmsMessageListener to handle priority in a similar manner to the JmsSendingMessageHandler when sending replies. Also, would you consider adding JMS priority -> SI priority handling to the DefaultJmsHeaderMapper.toHeaders() or is the policy to leave this to custom implementations/subclasses?


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    Yes, the gateway only supports a fixed priority (via explicit-qos-enabled-for-replies and reply-priority).

    To be consistent with the outbound adapter, we should support getting the reply priority from the SI priority header.

    In order to support your use case, where you want the priority of the reply to be the same as the request, it also makes sense to populate the priority header for inbound messages.

    Please go ahead and open an Improvement JIRA covering both issues here