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  • Are you using Spring Integration? We like to hear from you!

    Dear Spring Integration Community!

    We like to hear from you and your usage of Spring Integration.

    Spring Integration is used by many large and small organizations around the globe. Please let us know IF you are using Spring Integration. When possible, please let us also know HOW you are using it. We would like to make that information available on our project website. You decide how much information you would like to provide, for example:

    • We would like to list your company name + logo (We love logos!)
    • For more information (optional), tell us in 1-2 paragraphs, how you are using Spring Integration
    • For the ultimate exposure, we are interested in more detailed write-ups (e.g. Case Studies)

    Also, if your company does not allow the public disclosure of that information, we are still very much interested in hearing from you. Maybe you can replace your identity with phrases like:

    • Large global bank
    • A European car manufacturer
    • Leading US newspaper etc.

    Please submit your information to [email protected]. Also, if you have any questions let us know!

    We are looking forward to your contributions, as this would help us to grow the Spring Integration community!

    Thanks for your HELP!



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    On the case! I've been using it at my company for years now and always enjoying anything I do with it.


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      We were using it on a project last year for a web services integration layer underlying the implementation of new payment model for digital content of a leading US media company.


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        I'll be submitting something too, our uk based retail company has been using it for a few years now, along with Spring Batch system integration becomes almost enjoyable :-)


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          I have been using it for 6 months now for a very interesting use case in a large financial institution. I will need to get management approval before divulging any detailed information. But for now I'll just say using the tcp/ip endpoint has opened up new channels of integration to our ATM stack.


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            I have been using it for 4 months for web service integration for a project dealing with financial products.


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              I have three projects, from march to september that fit perfectly in a Spring integration kind of projects.

              However, I need to evaluate the learn curve and the chances to fully dominate the technology. Because it's a banking environment and we can't asume a failure.

              However, I like the easy of development that Spring Integration provides, I'm a fan of Spring (with some kind of master of Spring core, Spring security and Spring roo)

              Let's see. I'm evaluating for the time being.


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                Originally posted by sleyzerzon View Post
                We were using it on a project last year for a web services integration layer underlying the implementation of new payment model for digital content of a leading US media company.
                Perhaps I should add that it's used in production for a year now since then.


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                  Hey Gunnar & Co.,

                  I have been using SI for the last 6 months for an internal testing utility and it works very well. We have much bigger plans to use SI with Activiti (from Alfresco). I want to see more developments from SI in this direction.

                  I will sync up with the management in regards of publicity.

                  Thanks and keep up the great job!


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                    Thanks Krassimir. Keep an eye out for some news on our Activiti integration. Coming soon!


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                      We started using Spring Integration a year back for a messaging based system.
                      Its ease and simplicity has compelled us to use SI extensively and most of our projects are now developed using SI.

                      Keep up the good work...apart from this, appreciate the quickness of the Spring Team in replying to our queries.
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                        Who can help me to download all of spring jars for my project. You only tell me download detailed route.Thanks a lot.


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                          Is there an actual list of companies that are using Spring Integration out there. I looked at some of the marketing materials, but it seems a lot of the use that would traditional be considered "Integration" is claimed under general Spring Framework use. I am trying to convince my architecture and framework team to use Spring-Integration. The new project is probably perfect for integration, consuming messages and passing them into a web service.

                          We are already a Java/Spring shop, but the company has never used Spring Integration and is a little apprehensive at using an API they have never used without other concrete examples in use at other billion dollar companies.


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                            Hi guys,
                            I have been using SI for the last 1 month for an internal project in my company.
                            I work for an international organization and we will see in the next months if they will be happy about it.

                            Thank you so much for your great job and for your help.



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                              This is on my list of things to compile. It is rather tricky to collect officially approved names of companies that use Spring Integration. Nonetheless, did you see the eHarmony case-study at:

                              The Spring Integration team just returned from Spring One 2012 in Washington DC, and the Spring Integration sessions were very well attended. One of the sessions, given by me and Gary Russell, attracted more than 250 attendees (several interesting organizations among them):


                              However, I can assure you that Spring Integration is widely used in many large corporations and government agencies across the globe. Also, the recently released book "Spring Integration in Action" ( is the top-best-selling Manning book as of October 22, 2012.

                              If you like to take this conversation off-line, please ping me at: ghillert at vmware dot com